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“Therefore brethren pick out from among you seven men of good repute full of the Spirit and of Wisdom”

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International Diaconate

North European Circle

The New Diaconal Review is a twice yearly journal. The journal combines academic articles, originally published in other languages, original material reflecting the pastoral work of those in diaconal ministry in our countries, news items, articles focussing on the deacon's specific ministry of Word, Sacrament and Charity, and book reviews.

The journal is  published alongside the popular and well-established English journal, The Pastoral Review [formerly Priests and People and The Clergy Review].

Editorial Board
DeaconTony Schmitz
Fr Ashley Beck

Editorial Consultants
Dr John Collins (Australia)
Rt Revd Gerard de Korte (Netherlands)
The Revd Dr William Ditewig (USA)
The Revd Dr Michael Hayes
Revd Professor Bart Koet (Netherlands)
Rt Rev Vincent Logan (Scotland)
Most Revd Sigitas Tamkevicius (Lithuania)

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