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“Therefore brethren pick out from among you seven men of good repute full of the Spirit and of Wisdom”


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Vocations - only in English


U.S. Deacon Digest Magazine (only in English)


Diaconate in Brasil (only in Portuguese)


Diaconate in Italy (only in Italian)


Diaconi Como (only in Italian)


Comunità de Diaconato in Italia (only in Italian)


Diaconate in France (only in French)


Diaconate in Spain (only in Spanish)


Diaconadoespana (only in Spanish)


Diaconate in Germany (only in German)


Evangelischer Diakonen und Diakoninnen (only in German)


Diaconate in Austria (only in German)


Diaconate in Poland (in Polish)


Diakonat.szczecin.opoka (only in Polish)


Roman Catholica Diaconia in the Netherlands (only in Dutch)


A place for Roman-Catholic deacons, their wives and children to discuss

the diaconate in various parts of the world (only in English)


Ushaw College, Durham, U.K.

Providing online courses for the permanent diaconate